Contribute to this Website

November 19, 2018

Overview: How to Contribute

  1. Fork the GitHub repo that houses the content for the website.
    You will need an account on GitHub to do this.
  2. Make edits to your own fork, preferably on a branch other than main.
  3. Optionally, run a local copy of Hugo to verify the site renders as expected.
  4. Open a Pull Request against the original repo.
  5. The website will automatically publish once the PR is merged.

Static Site Generation

This website is built using a static site generator that creates HTML pages by combining markdown content with HTML templates.

  • This site uses Hugo for the site generator.
  • All the source asset files (markdown content, HTML templates, images) are in a repository on GitHub.

Page content is written in Markdown, a simplified way to format text that is easier to use than HTML. Markdown file names typically end with an extension of .md.

Hugo looks for content pages under the content directory of the project root. Most new page additions should be placed under content/post.

For an example of markdown content see what is used to render this very page.

Run Hugo Locally

Instructions for getting started with Hugo can be found in the of the root of the website repo.

Open a Pull Request

GitHub has comprehensive documentation on using Git and GitHub tools.

See here for details on opening a pull request.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in our Slack group.